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Hi kmiller,
I agree with all Jacqui said.
So at the practical level…
Do basic business plan as bank will need this and cashflow and budget projections for business loan application.
Check business trading name on asic.gov.au business name search, plus the IP Australia trademark check, plus domain search on godaddy or crazydomains are easy. (Socials too but this is more flexible).
Once you’re sure on name, get legal AND accounting advice on structure of owning entity, it’s more complicated than u might think, especially if you have other assets to protect and you’re considering a loan.
Once entity is set up, and names registered, open you business trading account. The potential loan and bank acnt don’t have to be at same bank but may be more favourable for loan. Would not go to same bank as who has my house mortgage though.
Negotiate with commercial agent. I would highly suggest asking about a ‘casual’ lease option for first 6 months. This will not force you to do full shop fitout or hefty other fees or long term lock in if covid hits or the community doesn’t rally behind it. It gives you breathing space to ensure all your ducks are aligned and you’re doing your store in the most appealing and profitable way. Giftwares are an especially tricky business and you should be prepared with something to set you apart from the Kmarts of this world.
Then your entity will apply for loan with you as guarantor etc.

Don’t underestimate detailed planning. Good instincts will only get you so far. Sounds lime you’ve found your passion and purpose and I’m sending good vibes your way :)
Good luck.