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CGILLOTT, post: 271863, member: 75758 wrote:
– paying for Google advertising using our keywords (fine) but their ad copy is our brand name (not theirs) so that they try and trick customers into visiting their store when think they are clicking on our store
– submitting on a daily basis 1 star reviews on our website for a different product of ours each night and referencing their own business name as a better option
– posting on popular bargain forums and websites that our products are inferior and theirs are far better quality (even though we use the same supplier)
-sending us numerous emails masked as a customer, taunting us.

1. It is not unusual for businesses to pay for Google Ads targeting a competitors brand if they offer a very similar service/product.
2. This sounds illegal, not sure what you can do about it other than report it to Google. There was a case where a health care professional successfully sued but legal action is a costly endeavour.
3. Are you referring to Ozbargain? If so, how do you know it is your competitor and not a troll?
4. How do you know it’s your competitor?