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Hi Karvin,
there is probably not a specific answer to your question. How long is a piece of string?

Did you research the approvals process before buying the goods? The Government provides a bit of information for importing food and the standards they require.

That being said, Quarantine can allow or refuse entry at their discretion. They need to be satisfied there is no biological threat and that your product meets all the food and packaging standards, so that Australian consumers can be guaranteed the goods are safe to eat. If a consumer falls sick from your product the first outcry would be “how did the Government allow this stuff to be sold in Australia?”

I have seen Quarantine ask for various documents to prove the ingredients and quality of the food. This may include the manufacturer’s declaration of ingredients, the packaging declaration, and a production report with verifiable stock control numbers which can be linked to the final packing order. They can also ask for further details about descriptions, ingredients, labelling, etc.

They want hard proof.

The only advice I can give is this; whatever information they ask for, provide it in full with alacrity.

If the goods are not allowed into the country, you will be faced with returning the goods to origin, at your expense, or a security destruction, to be certified by Quarantine, again at your expense.

Quarantine and Customs are now in one organisation known as Australian Border Force. Its an appropriate name. You and I cannot mess with them. We just do as they say.

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