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I think you need to see an accountant. Partners in a partnership cannot employ themselves and take salary and wages. It comes back to the fact that an individual cannot enter a contract with themselves as the same party (both the employer and employee)

You can learn more in TR 2005/7

The courts have characterised agreements under which a ‘partnership salary’ is to be drawn by a partner from partnership funds as not creating a contract of employment or contract for the services of the partner, but rather as an agreement to vary the sharing of partnership profits between the partners (for example Ellis v. Joseph Ellis & Co. [1905] 1 KB 324, MacKinlay (Inspector of Taxes) v. Arthur Young McClelland Moores & Co. [1990] 2 AC 239 (MacKinlay)). An agreement to pay a ‘partnership salary’ to a partner for his work as a partner is an internal agreement as to how the partnership’s funds will be applied as between the partners, and is enforceable on the taking of partnership accounts. A ‘partnership salary’ is a distribution of partnership funds to the partner, and does not have the character of an expense of the partnership (MacKinlay).