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JacquiPryor, post: 271930, member: 20176 wrote:
Hi Jasmine,

I only just had a quick look at your website, and it took a while to load for me so not sure if that’s just my connection. And, it looks like you just registered your business name a couple of weeks ago with ASIC? If you have only been going a couple of weeks, perhaps it is just needing some time for all the ads etc to start working?

There’s another forum thread on here, “Tell it to me straight” – if you pop your queries in there you might have a few more people see it and provide constructive feedback around your website and/or the ads?

All the best :)
thanks Jacqui,

yes, you are right, I just officially registerred my business name a couple of weeks ago, actually it is re-register, I used to registerd for a year, but there was no busienss, and it was cancelled. but I have had my ABN for about 4 years, I have only had some breakthroughs from last year-ironically when I had to work from home,I have more time to spend on my own business.

Since then I have spent quite some money and time and energy to expand my custoemer base. I do both wholesale and retail, on wholesale side, I am satisfied with the result, I have 7 stockists now, but not much on retail side. and it maks me upset as my wholesale customers are boutique shop owners, jewellery store owners, they recognize my design and quality and price, and my pieces sell well in their shop. Check the In Store section on my websie. But I just not able to send the message to retail customers directly. It is so sad, I am offering good qulity fine jewellry, but I can’t sell, there all lots of costume jewellery brands, they are selling brass jewellery at fine jewellery price, however they can manage to find retail customers.

Im genunie even it may not sound like. Regardign the website speed, most friends feedback the speed is quite okay, I am not sure, why it is slow to download from your side.