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Stop wasting money on advertising, until you fix your website.

There is no way I would purchase from your website the way it is currently setup.

Firstly you need to get a copywriter in to fix all the grammar issues.

Another example is the , Newly arrived tab, you have drop downs such as ÄW 2020, sounds great, but you state you are after retail customers, the majority wont have a clue what AW 2020 is, find a better way to focus on retail. I think wholsesale is going good because they understand the terminology, but you have to pitch it at retail.

I cant find your ABN listed anywhere, contact phone number, address, etc. Maybe I am not looking hard enough, but I can’t find any trust factors. Those things need to be upfront and staring at buyers, If you can’t even spell Melbourne correctly, I am thinking scam. PS I did eventually find a phone number, but only when I went to try to add an item to me cart.

I struggle to understand why you have a minimum purchase $ amount ($49 Australian), if your pricing is correct you will still be making some $’s on the transaction, but also on items such as this I would be making a small purchase before committing many more dollars, you have just ruled out those toe in the water buyers. I have sold many items for $12.50 plus postage, and then had them come back and put in an order for hundreds of dollars. Sure on the small order I may only make a dollar or 2, but in the long run I am making much more, dont look at short term.

You say free postage over 149, but when I add more then that, it still adds postage. I found somewhere where I can add a coupon code, but if you go straight to checkout there is no option to add one, but more importantly this should be an automatic thing, not reliant I me to know that I need to add a coupon code. This annoys pruchasers.

PS. I did eventually find an ABN , 1X506659X48, totally invalid, another anti trust factor.

Stop wasting advertising $’s and get your shop front working, imagine your website as the shop front to a bricks and mortar place. would you walk into bricks and mortar looking for quality jewelry if the door front was bad, I wouldnt.