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bb1, post: 271933, member: 53375 wrote:
Stop wasting money on advertising, until you fix your website.

There is no way I would purchase from your website the way it is currently setup.

Firstly you need to get a copywriter in to fix all the grammar issues.

Another example is the , Newly arrived tab, you have drop downs such as ÄW 2020, sounds great, but you state you are after retail customers, the majority wont have a clue what AW 2020 is, find a better way to focus on retail. I think wholsesale is going good because they understand the terminology, but you have to pitch it at retail.

I cant find your ABN listed anywhere, contact phone number, address, etc. Maybe I am not looking hard enough, but I can’t find any trust factors. Those things need to be upfront and staring at buyers, If you can’t even spell Melbourne correctly, I am thinking scam. PS I did eventually find a phone number, but only when I went to try to add an item to me cart.

I struggle to understand why you have a minimum purchase $ amount ($49 Australian), if your pricing is correct you will still be making some $’s on the transaction, but also on items such as this I would be making a small purchase before committing many more dollars, you have just ruled out those toe in the water buyers. I have sold many items for $12.50 plus postage, and then had them come back and put in an order for hundreds of dollars. Sure on the small order I may only make a dollar or 2, but in the long run I am making much more, dont look at short term.

You say free postage over 149, but when I add more then that, it still adds postage. I found somewhere where I can add a coupon code, but if you go straight to checkout there is no option to add one, but more importantly this should be an automatic thing, not reliant I me to know that I need to add a coupon code. This annoys pruchasers.

PS. I did eventually find an ABN , 1X506659X48, totally invalid, another anti trust factor.

Stop wasting advertising $’s and get your shop front working, imagine your website as the shop front to a bricks and mortar place. would you walk into bricks and mortar looking for quality jewelry if the door front was bad, I wouldnt.

Thanks for your reply and spend time go through my website.

1. Thanks for pointing out the Melbourne spelling, the typo only happned on Sun when I was trying to edit it again.–but the things is when it was correct, there was not much retail orders either. In terms of AW & SS, most jewellery and fashion buyers know what they means.

2. ABN Issue, in our industry, we won’t disclose ABN unless neceassry, I don’t know where you have got the idea that an ABN is the first trusting factor,maybe in your industry, if you go through all Australian big or small jewellery brands’ website, ICHU Jewellery, Von Treskow jewellery, etc, there is no ABN listed.

However, I do have an In-Store section, wheere I have listed all the phisical stores where custoemers can buy our pieces.

3. Yes, we don’t accept orders less than $ 49, for a couple of reasons,but probably you are right about this, I will remove this bit.

4. The free postage, it is just how small business can’t provide perfect service, as I will have to charge wholesale customers postage regardless amount, but there is only one payment rount for both accounts. The only solution is to create a coupon code for retail customers.

5. I don’t think my front door is that bad, I have seen lots of small jewellery brands’ website, maybe their wording is not too bad, but in terms of product pictures, etc, it is defenitly not good, I think I have got beautiful designs and product pictures there. the visual side is pretty good. From my own buying experience, when I buy phisical goods like Jewellery or Clothing, I don’t really even read the texts much. If I buy a complicated computer I probably will.