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Paul – FS Concierge
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Hi and welcome to Flying Solo.

Working through the normal protocols (chain of command) with the Consultancy he is working for is the first step.

In my small business experience, getting to the source of who actually hits the button to make a payment is the most efficient way of getting paid. Again, my experience is that in the overwhelming majority of cases, there is no particular reasons why I am not paid, no directions not to pay me etc – just woefully inadequate systems or lack thereof to unravel.

Getting in touch with the person who actually made the last payment and working your way backwards will give you the best and fastest outcome IMO.

Using a blunt weapon approach at some point becomes an option – withdrawing services, complaining to the client company, going to the media etc. Using these and other similarly blunt approaches will usually have implications around reputation and future work opportunities etc.

I hope it gets resolved quickly so you can continue to live “normally” in these less than normal times.