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aforsyth, post: 271997, member: 120859 wrote:
What is the protocol here? My husband is touchy to push too aggressively because he has negotiated a great deal, but I feel as though the delay is unacceptable – hence why it’s me writing this and not him! ;)

Sounds like one of those great deals that no one get say no to, this happens throughout life someone offers a great deal, make delivery on the first component, then you don’t get payment.

Sorry a deal that you are not getting paid for is not a great deal, happens in our industry all the time.

What should you do, withdraw your services, tell them that you will resume as soon as payment is received, once/if payment is received, DON’T provide any further services,

This is a great deal for them, a lousy one for your husband. Get out now, and get out quick.