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Reconsider having your own website/ ecommerce setup. Like you say you pay a certain amount per month even if you don’t sell anything, and add on top of that the fact that you don’t have any passing trade. Consider it like a small shopping strip where only 10 people pass per day unless you market it in some way. Whereas Etsy, or even Ebay (alothough I whisper Ebay as I will be yelled at), are like Westfield shopping centres, which have millions of visitors a day. Sure you may pay per transaction, but at least you know it’s a fixed 11% per sale, whereas an ecommerce site you pay mega dollars even if you don’t sell a single iitem. Not saying dont go that way, but wait and see if anyone actually wants what you are offering.

The number one thing with starting any business, is a business plan, you obviously havent done that and that is why things like postage, wrapping, etc are becoming a shock to you. They are a reallity for all business’s. And your pricing should reflect the full cost, plus a profit, if it doesnt, close up shop now, and don’t waste your money.

You say you will only have $2.00 left after a sale, then it comes down to volume, if you sell 1000 items a day, thats a nice profit, if you only sell one a month, well need I say more. There are many business’s which make mega dollars on teeny weeny margins, but they are based on volume.

Number one thing to do now, is a proper evaluation of costs (full costs), what profits you want, estimated sales volume and see what price you need to charge. Oh that sounds like it is a part of a business plan.