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Free (or close) tends to mean you can expect disruption at some point because frankly, you are not providing any direct economic benefit to the provider. There may be some indirect benefits to them but these platforms cost a lot to develop and maintain to meet the constantly changing Australian regulatory standards (including direct lodgement protocols with the ATO). So free generally means compromises. It may mean you need to rely on other lodgement systems instead of direct lodgement. It may mean there is less third-party support from accountants and bookkeepers. I know there are plenty of accounting firms like ours that charge less for clients on Xero because its faster to use and support and we can pass that saving on. So the extra cost of Xero is made up in reduced accounting fees.

So if you value saving a few hundred dollars a year over these various compromises (including your time) then sure – anything else is a waste of money (but obviously not a waste of your time as you currently value it).