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Hi and welcome to Flying Solo.

Most Soloists don’t need a Top 5 as they are Flying Solo.

Perhaps they have 5 providers they rely on like an Accountant?


This is true, although as for the OP, i think its great they are looking for inspiration and someone to leverage or bounce off.. Many starters generally do look up to people although there is also a large amount of soloists that are self starters and push themselves, so it will also depend on the type of person/age/experience etc one is at..

I personally would love someone like @paul-fs-concierge to be a driving force for me or similar.. 🙂

OP, to find one you need to watch the space you play in and keep an eye out for successful operators locally or abroad that you like the approach of etc.. reach out to them, start a dialogue and go from there.. dont be needy, be open..