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I’ve heard frequently about the importance of having a group of top 5 people that inspire you the most and give you the most to learn from. I’m realising now that as much as I love my friends they’re not similarly growth minded and would rather just drink and play video games, which has its time and place for sure, but I need to branch out.

I’m trying to find out, how did you find your top 5 people or find like-minded people that ended up forming close relationships with? Is it always a mentor-mentee arrangement? Is it possible to find through extracurriculars?

Much thanks for your input!

For inspiration I’ll often lean on people that I’ve worked with in previous roles or they’ll be friends that are in a similar profession.

It is tricky going from a friendship to asking them for professional support. I think it’s a matter of testing the waters and see if they’re interested in providing help.

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