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I have to say that for years I was dead-set against renting software rather than buying it … and we use a lot of software … but when the software makers move to a subscription model you really have little choice.

Of course you can look for alternatives but if you’ve been using a specific programme for years there is a learning curve when you switch to something else. Do you have the time and patience to do that?

I certainly didn’t and now I’m quite happy that my partner was quite prepared to move us to monthly payments.

It’s worked well for us and paying a subscription rather than buying outright means that one day I just might change all my hardware over to Mac and that was never an option when we would have had to spend thousands to replace the software as well as the hardware.

Yeah I can’t really fault their subscription platform, not the cheapest but lets you jump between computers easily and the cost is pretty modular so you can chop and change what platforms you need at the time.

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