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Trying to be interested and invested in the forum, although the lack of anything appears to have dissipated quite heavily with very few returning, contributing or even starting new conversations related to what the forum (IMO) was about..

Any updates? Or has the forum changed and/is changing so much that its wiping the slate clean?

Its quite sad really, was a good source of banter and collective knowledge… 🙁

, is it worthwhile persevering? or is it beyond the forum of old and heading to a new role that is more monetised as opposed to helpful?

Hi @Lucasarthur,

We’ve implemented a couple of changes to decrease the spam post volume, we’re still trying to finalise this so that less slip through the net.

In regards to conversations/post volumes, we did experience a drop off in organic search traffic from launching the new forum which has now been restored. So hopefully with that we’ll see the conversations start kicking back off.

Forum signatures are top of our priority list as well as improving the navigation and notification prominence for the forum. Please feel free to shoot through any more feedback and thanks for flagging the issues you’re noticing.

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