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Hi everyone, looking forward to being a regular here.

I’m starting up a building business and we have all the licensing and other requirements down but I need to choose a business name.

My question is, if you were to have to spend 50k on a bathroom/ensuite renovation which name would you go with?

Lux Bathrooms & Ensuites
Grandeur Bathrooms

Sorry but I don’t choose someone to throw $50K at based on the business name, it’s quality and professionalism, and a business name doesnt project either.

I would rather go with a quality company called ”the worst bathroom reno company”’ then some fancy name with bad quality.

Work on getting referals and forget about trying to get a possibly deceptive name. Not saying you are, but I remember a fish and chip shop called the best fish and chips an australia, they weren’t. Its whats behind the name.