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Gordon Anderson
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My fav local restau features “dumping and chill” .. actually delicious 🙂

I do notice a few restaurants have a website yet no menu, some have a lot of extra work cleaning plastic menus and maybe a paper form for check in [ covid safety ] .. it seems there ought to be a better way.

Ive been building https://tiyuti.com for a while, which is a way to quickly get restaurants a menu on smartphone :

– customer walks in [or past the window], scans QR code
– restaurant menu pops up, scrollable with lots of food pics
– they tap and add items to their order, pay the shop / dine etc

Feel free to pop us an email if there is a way to complement our offerings

gord at tiyuti dot com

ps. great to be able to dine in restaurants again .. after all the lockdown, and much appreciated.