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Congratulations on your new venture.

Wow! there are a few issues here. In one post you go from selling a few items, to supplying Walmart by the container load. For information on Freight services, I can help you. Basic rule of thumb is, the more complex it is, the more it will cost you. For instance, buying from China, delivering to you in Australia, is simple. I can help you with some trade rates for small shipments.

To send a third party shipment, such as a 20 or 40 foot container to USA – can be done, but the economies of scale will not kick in until you are shipping regular high volumes.

I have clients in a similar situation. Some of them find it easier to import here, then sell to NZ and USA, shipping from Australia. I am not saying that’s what you should do. There are a whole lot of variables to consider; the market size, Freight costs as a percentage of the Gross Margin, accessibility, competitors, etc. For instance, if you are selling a low value item that is large in size, like a dolls house, you would not ship it via Australia because the freight cost would kill the deal.

But if your product is high value and small in size, like a microchip, you could import to AU and then export to US. This means you can maintain quality control. and inspect the goods yourself. You don’t want your clients to spend a lot of money, then call you saying it is not what they ordered. When you ship direct from China to another country, how do you know the factory is sending the right product?

Maybe you should see how the product sells in Australia first.

There are many options. Good luck

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