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Mandy Barker
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Hey David, saving pennies is always uber-important, especially when starting out.

I’m not an accountant, and I don’t even run as a company as I’ve been under sole trader set up for 6 years now and I’ve come to this after engaging several different accountants for advice.

But I wonder if you could reframe your thinking around skimping in the area of accounting?

Companies have some very specific requirements, returns and deadlines, it could be easy to miss or mess up a requirement and find yourself in hot water.

Think of getting professional advice upfront as an investment, an accountant can help you structure your business for the best performance moving forward, it is harder to implement things in retrospect. A good accountant could potentially save you more than they cost in good advice.

And maybe a bookkeeper can do the heavy lifting through the year, with your accountant doing the taxes at the end and ensuring you’re claiming what you’re entitled to.

For regular invoicing there are free/cheap options starting with a Word doc to apps like Rounded.

Hope you get where you are aiming in your business!