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I see a few different hourly rates mentioned here, ignore all of them!!!!

You need to look at how much it will cost you to run your business, including the things already mentioned such as products, insurance, car costs, equipment costs, etc, etc, etc, etc. Then add what profit (wage) you want out of it. Not forgetting all the time spent away from the job doing work for the job.

Your cost base may be higher or lower then those mentioned above, then work out how long the job will take you, including any extra product, etc you may want above and beyond your standard stuff. Do you need to buy extra equipment, factor that into the quote over say a years timeframe if you like.

Then work out the desperation factor, how desperate do you want the job, this may change what you want to earn per hour, ie a slightly lower return, or how desperate are you not to get the job, in other words what would they have to pay you extra to do the job. I have some jobs I have quoted well above (read double or more) my preferred $ value, because I didn’t want the job, but was happy to do it when they were compensating me for the pain factor.

So to answer your question, only you can answer that question, taking into account a multiple of factors.