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thankyou all for your input.

of course my first step is to try australia. but as this is a new product, (if) it takes off, i have to be ready for that. so i am thinking of every move that i can think of before i start.

as rob has said, posting small things os is much easier than large things.
my product is roughly 20cm cubed, and weighs about 3.6 kg.
i expect it to retail around the $80 mark.
i havnt got accurate quotes for delivery to us yet, but i imagine its well over $50. and quite simply i dont think people would want to pay $50 delivery for something that costs $80. could be wrong though.

heres my current plan in a nutshell.

buy 100 or 1000 units from china. (still getting quotes)

i have already determined which lawyer and protection i will use. once i have product here. i will get australian protection. i then have 6 months to get protection in other countries.

in that 6 months i will be trying to sell in australia. wherever i can.

i will use the 6 months of sales data to determine if its worth it or not. (i wish i had longer than 6 months because i dont think thats enough time to tell. but thats all the time i have, according to lawyer)

if my australian sales is enough for me to warrant getting protection in other countries, and i do that, then the speed of me selling, and how to do that, am unsure atm. the answer may well present itself later.

so, quite simply, i would rather you guys rip my plan to shreds than the market.

so let the comments rip.

thankyou all