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Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

To be honest, the parts that hold me back from putting my work out there are the legal aspects of running an online business. I can’t seem to find any consistent information on this.

If I was to take payments for a service I am providing, what are some of the things I need to consider? eg Tax, Trademarks, ABN, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimers (all seems a bit confusing)

Does where my website is hosted have an impact on potential earnings and tax obligations?

Also, I would have no idea how to even setup taking payments for premium information on a website or what software I should use? I know how to use WordPress, but that’s about it.

The blog ranks on the first and second page of google for keywords related to the sporting event. It got 10,000+ pageviews in a few days last year purely from search engines leading up to the event.

If there are any SEO or Website/Online Marketing Gurus out there, please feel free to reach out.

Any information would be much appreciated


Try to start basic.

A simple way to collect money is to set up a Paypal account, and then stick a Paypal button on your website.
An ABN is easy to get, by filling out a form or two.
Every website has a privacy policy, take a look at a few and possibly ask a web designer for help customising yours.
Income earned will be taxable (unless this is a hobby, not a business).

You will need to take a little time on each (a bit of research etc). Together they feel like a real barrier to starting your business, but if you tackle them one by one, you can figure them out fairly quickly and tick them off your list.

A lot of people on this forum I think would tell you that their first business venture was an important stepping stone to what they are doing now, whether it’s the same business or their fifth. So keep that in mind if it sometimes seems a bit complex or pointless.

Best of luck.

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