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@Dave_FS conceeirge

As requested issues I see with your downgraded forum, you may want to talk to your developers about what user testing was done, I have an idea.

There is no – New Posts option.
The @Dave option doesnt work
No quote previous post option.

Must admit I gave up trying any further if they cant get basics right, well you know my approach from previous comments.

My login problems were that it wouldnt accept my normal password, I tried a couple of forgotten password attempts, finally got an email on the 3rd attempt.

Just reaching out and checking on progress…. Post started about 2 months ago, and to be honest if there has been any improvements they must all be back end..

Is it just me, or are the vast percentage of posts still spam and self promotional…. with no ability to report as spam either and sit on post for quite some time?

Would be great to get some more updates along with seeing if this forum is getting the love it deserves?


Hey @lucasarthur

Thanks for checking in and apologies for the delay in updates, we’ve now managed to get on top of the majority of the spam issues by filtering out a number of troublesome IP addresses. This should greatly improve the post quality we see across the forum.

What functionality would you still like to see across the forum? The majority of the features from the previous forum plugin have been replicated in the new version now. We’re still keen to get more feedback on features that you’d like to see in the forum though.

Another positive note is that we have a new community manager starting next week who will be working on the Flying Solo platform, making sure that Flying Solo receives lots of love.


Forum Administrator