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Seeking suggestions on sources for stationery, promotional materials & merchandise for a business. Specifically:

– Business cards
– Brochures
– Calendars
– Letterheads
– Stationery (E.g. pens illustrating business name)
– Clothing (E.g. T-shirts / hoodies)
– Mugs

Looking through reviews of online providers, I’ve seen quite a few negative reviews due to issues with materials including
– Leaking Pens
– Small fonts on labelled products
– Misaligned printing
– Printing on the wrong side of products

What is your experience with these or similar items? Do you go through one or more online providers, a local stationery outlet, or do you produce some of the materials yourself?

Keen to hear your responses.

Initially I tried large print companies like officeworks for promotional material but found a smaller supplier that was more flexible and understood in more detail what I was looking for. They could also provide design support to make sure everything was properly aligned prior to printing.

I found larger suppliers more likely to print without flagging potential issues.

The company I had used is called Little Print, they’re based in Melbourne so I’m not sure if this helps. I’d take the time to go meet a few in person to discuss it with them, prior to making any commitments.

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