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“You might be using reckon one – maybe if you could specify your exact subscription. Sometimes they also have watered down ledger / cash book only versions which are super cheap. I very much doubt any platform is offering the fully functional version (unlimited feeds, invoices, payroll etc) at a sustained price of $4pm. So let’s see what version you have and then I can offer some feedback”

I can’t see your comment here, but I’m not using reckon and it is a fully functional version of Quickbooks. I can do bills, invoices, BAS, Superannuation, Payroll and get phone/chat help from Intuit.

Well if it’s one of the full function versions then $1 per quarter is well outside partner program deals. I can only imagine they are somehow subsidising the cost (perhaps making it up in other areas).

Are you sure your current accountant is the wrong solution for you? Are they are helping you identify and solve your financial problems? Have they offered to help and you have declined or have they just not offered at all? There is obviously a problem with the value proposition because you indicate their cost is an issue.