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Like a few other long time members, have just checked back in for the first time in a while to see what had been updated on this thread. In doing so, it seems we no longer have the option to ‘like’ another member’s post? (does this mean we’ve lost our trophy points?! 😉 ) I was going to ‘like’ @jamesmillar’s post above but no option to do so.

In terms of general feedback around functionality, I can see there’s now a right-hand side bar section containing a few ‘most recent posts’, but no reference to the actual forum topic it relates to. For example, I am seeing “ABN or ACN / Insurance / Packaging Service for SkinCare by Mr.Chips” but no way of knowing whether this is a general start up question; a money matters question; a find help question etc. I also think displaying only 5 recent posts is too limited. There’s more recent posts so some members will be missing out having theirs eye-balled I suspect. I’m finding this version of the site more difficult to navigate than the old platform in terms of finding/contributing to relevant posts/questions.

I know signatures are on the list, but certainly think that remains a lacking function at the moment.
I do hope to see a few things ‘fixed’ soon and hope that allows for some discussions to continue in the way they used to. It’s been a great resource over the years and I would like it to continue being such.

Hey @jacquipryor

Thanks very much for the detailed feedback, it’s very much appreciated and we’ll work it into our list.

With regards to your signature, it can be edited here: https://www.flyingsolo.com.au/my-account/

Go to ‘forum profile’ then ‘profile’ then ‘edit’ and you should have a signature section. We’re working to make the navigation of forum profile editing easier.


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