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So I seem to have missed the ‘hype’ of Flying Solo and have decided to jump on board and see how I can assist business owners!

We’ve been in business for 20 years, I’ve been at the helm for the past 10 years.

I own Bsale which is a business and franchise for sale website – so i am surrounded by business owners, business brokers and franchise groups. We are focused on the buying and selling part of the business journey. Our role is primarily to shine a light on the opportunities and provide useful articles and guides.

Our catchphrase is “find your next business venture” because over the years we’ve come to realise people rarely just own one business. There are a lot of entrepreneurs who buy and sell or owners who expand and acquire. People may get tired of their current industry, sell, and look for a change. The business journey rarely has a start and stop point.

Welcome aboard Vanessa!

It definitely sounds like you’re in an interesting position helping people find businesses.

Hopefully you find the forums helpful and can provide some insightful advice for others!


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