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You didn’t mention the system you are using for your website, eg WordPress, Opencart, etc and the size of the site eg. if its a large site or eCommerce store. This would help with our answers but in general there are tasks that can be monitored and setup to run automatically, with daily or weekly alerts when a task is required. Backups from your software can also be automated are are important.

One thing I have found over the years is that clients don’t do regular backups, and keep software up to date and this usually becomes a big problem if their site has been hacked or they want to move hosting providers.

As one of the previous answers indicated updating outdated software is important for security reasons including the risk of your website being hacked. And software updates can included patches were software bugs have been fixed.

We offer some of our clients a monthly retainer for either general website maintenance, updates and upload plugins, new content, etc, or for SEO with can included the previous but also a SEO marketing. In some cases with we can also general website maintenance we can included tutorials/training.