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Hi Angelo
Without knowing too much about your idea, the value lies in how it would be different to what is out there currently.
Foreign language subtitles exist on most streaming and delivery platforms currently, I assume you are thinking about some unique differentiating aspect or perhaps the way it is packaged or delivered etc.

The major challenge here would be around ownership of the content, so you cant take clips and sell as courses etc as you’d be in breach of copyrights for using those clips.

My suggestion would be to develop a chrome plugin that sits in the browser and can overlay with your subtitles and solution across the top of whatever the user is watching on their device. That way you can leverage whatever content is already available on the web (without breaching copyrights as you just sit on top) and however people are consuming it (youtube, stan, netflix etc), as long as it is via the web browser that is.
similar to the way Grammarly and Toucan sit on on the browser and pop up when you need it as an overlay.

Monetisation – I would spend time making it very user-friendly, with a frictionless onboarding ramp, make it free for everyone, aim for high adoption rates then sell the company (ie plugin and user base/db) via a site like microacquire.com
If you can get a large number of users, and make it sticky (ie high retention and usage rates) then its very valuable to a new buyer who can then either use that engaged userbase to grow their own company or switch on a priced plan and reap the rewards.
Deliver the value first, then monetise later.