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Hey Paul 👋🏼 and OP

Paul, great advice.. Shopify has a great support team (CS) that will navigate these waters….

OP, having an app that would calculate the combined postage and then create a CBM for you on those combined items may be the same as the Shopify shipping offering as it all relies heavily on your inputted data.

Most eComm operators would potentially look at the combined value and price the largest item at a rate to cover the lesser items that may be added into the shipping – or, take some as a loss leader and average out the freight to cover costs and also have profit in said products – the more we sell the better in most situations…

Please, please dont forget to ensure you DO NOT have those pesky remote locals set up unless you are lifting rates to cover – just those sizes sound large…

Re the local 3PL provider, if you have a decent margin, this could also be an option as they may have the benefit of non cubed rates that could benefit a product like yours.

Wishing you all the best

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