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Paul – FS Concierge
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Awesome reply Jason.

All the years we have been on the FS together Jason, I never knew you were an introvert.

I am introverted about 70 per cent of the time and extroverted the rest but it’s not like a switch I can turn off and on so having a future date at which I have to do something that requires my extrovert side to come out has been daunting and anxiety producing. Sometimes intensely so.

I am collaborating with a pure extrovert at the moment and it’s really clear we process the world in different ways. It is probably objectively fair to say that I am more thoughtful, analytical and creative but he would beat me hands down delivering a well prepared elevator pitch. So within a collaborative environment, we can just lean on each others strengths. That is an additional way to deal with introversion in a business world where extroverts seem to do so well.

I love your response and offer my congratulations for going down a rabbit hole that took courage to do. It’s always easier to hide away under the doona in uncomfortable or stressful situations and I wouldn’t dream of invalidating anybody who chose the path of least resistance. At the same time, it is always extra special to see somebody tackle situations that challenge every fibre of their being. “Just Do It”, while apt doesn’t convey how damn hard “it” is to do. When you think of it adding the word “Just” to “do it” is genius but also in some contexts disingenuous as it implies, “easy” when doing it can be anything but.

Well done Jason and please drop the link about your personal journey.