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Thanks Suze
Business haven’t really change that much over time
So we live in a digital time which doesn’t change business basics
If we haven’t got business basics then you won’t succeed
It’s been interesting looking at small businesses as to how they operate how they treat potential customers and how they treat their staff.
I’ve been observing as an outsider and must admit it’s been interesting
Firstly how is your Customer Service
This Is where your potential customer quite often makes up their mind if they want to do business with you
How do you sell to the potential customer
Do you have a sales pitch.
Why not just be yourself
I was in Sales and Marketing for most of my working life and yet I never sold anything If your product or service was good it sold itself
If you make an appointment time then make sure you are early. Not late
If your running late a phone call is most important and in this digital age everyone has a phone
Elderly potential customers
If you have a product or service that the elderly can use how do you treat them
Many elderly retired people often has more disposable income than you do so be warned they can make or break you
Ok its nice to be back
Thanks Suze