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Wow, thanks @paul-fs-concierge!!

I’ve just learned so much from your posts and I can’t thank you enough!

Your story is very inspiring for me and has many good lessons, so thank you again for sharing your experience!

The US internet phone number is a wonderful tip. Someone’s recommended Call Hippo as an option for a US phone, and it has some other nifty features about it too 🙂

I’m going to go with the Sole Trader route for now as I am just beginning with this, and yes – as you mentioned the fear of being an Aussie doing business with the US is DEFINITELY there – but as you’ve so kindly mentioned in your posts, I’ll try not to let it get to me and just provide the best service I can give =)

Thanks so much again and for this forum too, I can’t say enough how helpful it is to come and get advice here.

Have a wonderful rest of your week!
Warm regards