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    In the early 1940s, a shoe polish company in Melbourne was struggling and could not pay the wages of a staff member and instead gave this staff member, Len Hunter the company.

    The business flourished with some very clever marketing. Len used his sisters to create demand. 7 sisters asked for the Oxford Polish Companies products at supermarkets. Len would then get out on the beat and head up the sales. Once shelf space was available the products did sell themselves and became a very successful line of products. Of course the 7 sisters strategy worked until one occasion when one shop owner said on Len’s entry ‘yes Len I have heard of Oxford Polish- in fact your sister was in earlier looking for some’. By that time though the products had a decent market share and the brand did all the talking for them.

    So what happened to this shoe polish company? It invented Pine O Clean!

    If you are familiar with the Footscray [Vic] area, you may have visited The Children’s Palace in Hyde Street. It was a favourite place for me to visit as a child in the late ’60s.

    Len Hunter is a friend of my father’s and I never knew until now of the Pine O Clean fame!

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