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    I just want to share this… not to boost my ego… but to inspire people and give you ideas of how to use Forum marketing in the right way.

    Last week I did 1 post in Flying Solo that brought me 5 leads… and $3000 in sales .

    So I want to explain the blueprint of how Forum Marketing can help you to generate traffic and sales.

    The first step is: Understanding the real use of a Signature.

    Many people use their signature as SEO… or as a way to pull traffic to their site. We all know that. but many times you forget to have a call to action.

    Looking for Business Cards? Get 1000 business cards for just $59 : ONLY FOR Flying Solo Members.

    That is in fact a call for action.
    You can also have the benefit from an SEO point , by anchoring the keyword , “business cards” to your site.
    The point is, SEO can co-exists with a clear call for action.

    2nd Step: Sending people to the right page .

    The reason why big companies don’t send their traffic to their home page when using adwords is because having a proper landing page works usually better than sending people to their home page.
    Because in the homepage the user finds a lot of options and it’s easy for them to follow the wrong path and stay away from your “money page”

    What is the “money page” .

    The Money page is where people contact you, buy from you, etc…

    So what the right page needs to have.

    1) clear explanation of who you are …
    2) clear explanation of your unique offer proposition..
    3) And a strong call for action

    3rd Step: Stand up and let people find you .

    So the key of any type of marketing campaign/action … specially the free ones… is to provide some type of quality to the reader/user.

    We don’t want to sell anything, or even ask people to “check your services”… instead you want to provide some value, help people… and then people will enjoy your content and then if they are interested click on your signature and land on your page.

    Pretty easy, isn’t?

    So let’s recap.

    Use the signature in a smart way
    Put a clear offer in your signature.
    Send the signature to a landing page.
    Provide value. Help the community and people will thank you you will get the benefit.

    I hope this helps ;)



    I could easily explain this step by step …
    but I think is better if you check this series of 20 videos (free)


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    Great tip SEOCourse, I have adjusted my signature so that it has more of a call to action. Would love that kind of result!!!!

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    Cool agentmail… yep it looks like a much better call to action. Remember to have in the page where people land, your offer… ;)

    Viveo Jobs
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    Thanks for the great tip seocourse!

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    A very good suggestion, seocourse :-)

    That $3k sales you made, what products or services are they? Because in your auto-sig the products with prices are not shown… Just curious… :-)

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    Very valid point.

    In services….

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    Thats awesome – you contribute to the forum so people respect and know your are knowledge, that combined with your forum signature is really effective.

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    Great advice and well done :o)

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