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    HI Everyone

    Hope you can help me out with this one please.

    We are looking at heading into the USA market via our online store – selling single items to individuals, mainly in California

    Our single items are approx .02CBM and weigh 3kg

    We get them manufactured in China

    I am trying to work out what would be better to use a 3PL in California – which means we would have those costs e.g. shipping, customs, 3PL costs


    Find a quality 3PL / DC in China and ship the singles straight to USA from there.

    I am looking to contact some of the China 3PLs / DC to start looking at the cost comparison and the lead times to ship into USA which I’m guessing is prob about 5 days????

    Any thoughts on companies that offer this or that you may have / still use successfully would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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