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    Hi All,
    There is no appropriate forum category for this post, so I’ve stuck it in the category visited by most people. (Jayne, Stick it where you want.)

    I know this is a site for small business owners but many of us are also parents and grandparents.

    I came across this Nov 11 research report from the respected Pew Internet and American Life Project titled, “Teens Kindness and Cruelty on Social Network Sites“.

    Its findings were extremely troubling to me and I think every caring parent who has or will have a teenage child will want to read it.

    To put things into perspective, 95% of USA teens are online. Most have mobile access to social media that probably by-passes any safety nets parents think they may have installed.

    A couple of its most disturbing findings:

    • 88% of social media-using teens have witnessed other people being mean or cruel on social media websites.
    • 15% of social media using teens say they have been the target of online meanness

    The one page summary of the report: http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2011/Teens-and-social-media.aspx

    The 86 page PDF version of the study: http://pewinternet.org/~/media//Files/Reports/2011/PIP_Teens_Kindness_Cruelty_SNS_Report_Nov_2011_FINAL_110711.pdf


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    I don’t think it’s any suprise.


    I haven’t read the article, but in perspective; I’d be willing to bet 100% of people have seen someone being mean to someone else in the school ground. That’s 12% more.

    IMO, Teach your kids self esteem and self respect so that they can deal with life. No point hyping up other causes that are going to happen anyway.

    Not saying this is an excuse, but I’m pretty sure all animals have a social hierachy in which the weaker ones (perceived or not) get picked on…

    Sandy Naidu
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    does not surprise me too…Seeing who is talking to whom and what they are talking etc will definitely mess their minds…

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    Go back 25years when I was a teen:

    * 88% of playground using teens have witnessed other people being mean or cruel in the playground.
    * 15% of playground using teens say they have been the target of playground meanness.

    Lets face it teens are well ..just…horrible. fortunately most of them grow out of it in their 20s.

    When I was growing up I got bullied, I bullied other people and I stood by while other people did the bullying. That’s life, its ugly but its not new. There is an evolutionary reason for it that has nothing to do with TwitFace.

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    Every kid goes through it and your never going to stop it. It’s human nature and apart of growing up.

    What really matters is how you deal with it.

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    I’ve went to one school that had almost no bullying, twice I was bullied. They adopted a proactive zero tolerance approach in that bullying must cease immediately. So I got bullied on two different occasions from two different people. The staff cares, they are also quite benevolent so they don’t go power tripping and favour the narcissistic students.

    It’s unlike the ironic zero tolerance approaches that punishes both the bully and the victim. In a different school, I boycotted detention for this. Just laughed when I got warned and got given detention again. What are they going to do; expel me for standing up to bullies? I was bullied every week; my anger was above their administration policies.

    For online communities that I visit, bullying isn’t tolerated. This is done through several means;

    1) Ban. Simple but there are ways to work around it.

    2) Ghost ban. Let them keep trying but no one hears it.

    3) Peer pressure. Get everyone against/ignore the bully.

    Since I likely don’t have the power, I use 3) all the time. I ignore but refuse to involve the bully until they publicly reform with their actions.

    Sadly, some people are not brought up with the knowledge of how to handle bullies and are further encouraged to take it and sit by.

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    My 13 year old granddaughter posted this link on Facebook.
    She said it made her both think about her own actions and sad about the person/s affected.



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