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    I’ve posted before that I use Squarespace to set up client websites and find it an easy solution for run of the mill content management systems.

    Today they’ve announced Squarespace Commerce, could be the missing link for small web developers looking for full integration with any site? Feedback from anyone who works in this area, as to whether it stacks up in the market would be good.

    I’ve also been looking at Cloud deployment options, mainly AWS EC2, et al and find their documentation a total pain (plus I don’t really want to go back to maintaining a server) … I recently found this one … OpenShift by Red Hat and got a Rails site up and running with minimal drama, at zero cost. The free version supports a typical site getting 50K hits a month … so there’s no risk of me having to pay :).

    Looks like it has reasonable pricing structures if you need more … has any one else here used it ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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