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    Hello online retailers,

    Just wondering if anyone has the time to jot down what a typical day in your life looks like..
    I’ve read a few different stories online about what a typical day looks like for a small business owner from home. Just out of curiosity, wanting to see if any FS members would like to share their typical day with juggling orders, marketing, home life etc.

    Aiming to open an online store from home by end of the year.


    Kristy :)

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    7:30am – Wake up, check emails, check news
    8:00am – Into the shower
    8:15am – Breakfast and coffee
    8:45am – Checking into what’s happening in the world – news sites, blogs etc.
    9:00am – Work phone goes on, usually answer a support call or two
    9:15am – “Bug” fixes and issues (I always deal with these in the morning)
    11:00am – Emails and communication – chasing up outstanding leads etc and new projects
    12:00pm – Lunch / run
    12:45pm – Sound proof headphones and the programming begins
    4:00pm – Realise I’ve been wired for 3+ hours and have a break
    4:15pm – Coffee
    5:00pm – Car pickup run to station
    5:30pm – End of day emails and communications
    6:00pm – Relax / dinner
    9:00pm – The headphones go back on
    12:30 – 2:00am – Fall into bed and attempt to rid “logical” thought process and get some sleep

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    5:00am – 2 hours of emails, send 3 press releases for expo organising and client work.
    6:30am – Wake up husband and he delivers a nespresso coffee to desk 15 minutes later.
    7:00am Quick shower, get dressed, toast muffin before off to the railway station with husband.
    7:30am One hour train trip, intermittent conversation with husband, amongst a couple of texts, emails and social media updates.
    8.45am Grab large latte from a favourite cafe.
    9:00am – Work on-site with client for morning writing website copy and editing a tender.
    1:00pm – Grab lunch, book Ashes tickets and check on teenager son at home.
    1:30pm – Finish off tender
    5:00pm – Check mobile, several missed calls from friend picking up son as not answering intercom. No answer at home, ring friend – son OK and on way to movies.
    5:30pm – Meet husband for site meeting
    6:30pm – Time for a drink maybe, but too tired, head home.
    7:00pm – Another one hour trip on train, intermittent conversation with husband, amongst a couple of texts, emails and social media updates.
    8:00pm – Grab dinner whilst waiting for son.
    9.15pm – Home, hot chocolate and another hour of urgent client work.
    10.30pm – Hit the sack!!
    6:00am – and it starts all again!
    Looking forward to Friday when I have a whole day at home working and not dashing around, and as it is school holidays I get to have lunch with my son!

    PS What I love is no day is ever the same. I can be flexible!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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