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    Hi ,

    As a former public accountant from Melbourne and Newcastle, I am currently working on a new ebusiness concept pitched at small and medium business owners whom want access to online business software without the hassles associated in programming and servicing the software and hardware the software is used on.

    Whilst the concepts are in there planning phase, the aim is to literally get business owners online and using both software and hardware in a cost effective way.

    Take Xero setups for example, depending on the complexity of the business using Xero you could spend anywhere between $200 and $2500 dollars. Throw in accessories like hardware and a company website and these prices balloon out big time.

    I’m not going to spell out the concepts we have for our proposed ebusiness here. But what I would like to know is that regardless of the business cycle you are at, what hurdles or issues have you encountered in be online and in business?

    please note, i am looking to starting my ebusiness in one year.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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