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    gingerbeardhs, post: 241266, member: 84763 wrote:
    I just had an idea…
    Can we maybe reverse the process? New overnight sign-ups automatically post to a spam-bin and real posts get moved to the relevant category in the morning?

    I know that if I’m posting here late at night, I’m not going to expect a great answer straight away, and I’d respect that you guys have a lot of spam to counter. This is with the assumption of course, that there is more spam than real people joining and posting during the night

    Thanks for that and a nice idea. In the past (a fair while back) we’ve tried a few stronger automated filters such as new posters needing approval before posting and moderation queues, but in the end we always found that while we’d block a few spammers, we’d inevitably be putting the brakes on just as many legit contributors. It felt like the old problem of punishing everyone for the actions of a few bad eggs. In recent years the rise of social media also sets up expectations of instant publishing and light moderation. On balance my gut feel is that the more manual moderation that we have now may be slower but is still more effective. It’s a tricky one!?!

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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