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    I’ve been following Flying Solo for a while now and have got some good tips and bits of information. I now hope to something back.

    I focus on providing business solutions in Microsoft Excel, Access and VBA. This can range from data extracting and reformatting for direct marketing (I can help get contacts out of outlook and into your CRM for example), automation (categorising your invoices before going to your bookkeeper to save time and money), creating custom databases (order management, invoicing)
    or helping with generally getting more out of the software

    Having worked with large businesses in America, Europe, Asia and Australia I now want to focus on small to medium enterprises; with people who care about their customers, their employees and aim to achieve long-term growth
    (as apposed to the 12-month-budget-cycle large company’s use)

    If you have any Excel, Access or VBA questions, reply here and I will do my best to advise – I do love a good challenge!

    Best of luck to all Solo’ers!


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    Thanks Patrick – I imagine your expertise is going to prove very valuable around here.

    Welcome to Flying Solo, and thanks for introducing yourself :)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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