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    Kelly Exeter FS Editor
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    Some really really great pieces were published on Flying Solo this week guys – here’s a quick summary of each:

    A super simple hack for building your list using Facebook Ads
    Love this one from Luke Moulton – so simple anyone can do it. And the best bit is … hardly anyone is doing it right now!

    How one introverted action boosted business bliss
    Could you remove your phone number from your website? Lucinda did just that and it had some surprising results!

    The working vacation: how to keep your sanity intact

    Should ‘work’ and ‘vacation’ go in the same sentence? Since Kapil is freshly back from holidays, he’s a good man to tell us.

    Periscope. What is it and is it good for business?
    There’s yet another new kid on the social media block and no one has yet figured out how to use it for business. Until Kate Toon came along that is

    A Day in the Life
    She’s a mother of two, wife of one, writer, runner, business owner… and she’s our Editor. So a day in Kelly Exeter’s life must be absurdly busy right? Let’s find out.

    4 simple email hacks that will claim back an hour a day
    Do you seriously need a notification every time you get a new email? Would you be willing to try turning it off for a day?

    Robert has a great chat with Ronsley Vaz from Australia’s #1 food podcast: Bond Appetit

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    I love the email hack! I’m one of those people who try to get back to my customers as soon as possible and that means I check my email way too often! And even more so since the email account is linked to my phone! Now I definitely can use those reclaimed minutes to take a breather or two!

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    Thanks for posting these links up. It’s good to have a sit down once in a while and look at how we can continue to improve business processes with some helpful advice! Especially that one about a working vacation! I might just be able to take a holiday from the storage units soon with that!

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    Ahh the old working vacation … Maybe you haven’t setup your business or work life correctly? lol Kidding ;)
    Thanks for the summary Kelly! Great work!
    Social media is a fine art .. Engaging people without tuning them out. You can lose a customer as quickly as you can gain one. Also attracting the right audience in social media is a fascinating topic.
    Distractions from social media & technology as a huge dent to productivity…. Though we all love to think of our productivity improvements we have gained haha:p
    Sounds like some Yin & Yang

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