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    Hi All,

    We were making small batches of skin care products to be used ourselves and to gift to friends and family. Our products are having unique formulations and popular among friends we distribute occasionally. Now, we are thinking to scale it. I am looking for advice on;

    1) Shall we start on ABN or ACN i.e. sole trader or company ? What can be advantages or disadvantages ?

    2) Which insurance will be good/reliable/budget friendly for such items and how much it will cost approximately ?

    3) Is there any good packaging providing company in OZ, which are not very expensive and has good quality/repo ? With low MOQs ?

    4) Moreover, if someone can recommend a good automatic bottle filling machine for creams, lotions and liquid?

    Thanks heaps.

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    1. You should be getting this advise from your accountant, with the limited amount of info supplied here, I would ignore any advise provided here.

    2. Good/ Reliable / budget. 2 words that are total opposite ends of the scale. When talking about insurance in particular skin care, you only want the best, not budget.

    3. again, not expensive but good quality/repo. You just want good quality, if packaging is cheap its a reflection on the product.

    If you plan to start on the cheap, don’t start, go for quality from day one

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    Hi @mr-chips

    Unfortunately I can’t offer much insight on point 1 or 2, but for 3 and 4 I’d say VISY would be worth contacting. Their recycled products are environmentally friendly (this should be a big consideration when choosing packaging) and locally made. They can also offer cardboard, bottles and other options for getting you up and running.

    Companies like Synergy Pack and Vision Packaging both seem to have good eco friendly options and most likely smaller MOQ’s.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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