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    Zava Design, post: 152579 wrote:
    I have no idea who 99.9% of online store owners are. I do know who the well known and trusted online merchants are, the level of security they utilise, and so I can make an informed decision on whether to risk my CC details or not. I can’t make an informed decision on a merchant who I’ve never met before, and have no idea what type of digital and physical security setup they have in place to protect my CC details if they receive them. You seem to dismiss this as a minor or non issue.

    Well, to be approved as a merchant account facility owner in this country it is very difficult. I can assure you banks will not approve a business to be a merchant account owner lightly. There are very strict rules that govern whether or not a business is approved for a merchant account facility.

    Unless I read you incorrectly you seem to be implying that banks are negligent in the merchant account approval process because you are inferring official bank approved merchants can not be trusted unless you meet them face to face. This is quite a strange thing to say because the merchant account approval process is designed to ensure merchants can indeed be trusted.

    Do you really think a bank would approve a business owner as a merchant account facility owner if the bank wasn’t 100% satisfied the business owner could not be trusted?

    Australian banks especially are extremely thorough when it comes to this. I would trust any business owner who has been approved by their bank as a merchant account owner. Absolutely I would.

    The other point I will make is nothing is anonymous when you deal with a bank approved merchant account owner. Their identity is real and registered, they have contact numbers, they have addresses, ABN numbers, they have met and passed the very tough regulations and requirements demanded by banks in order to obtain their merchant account facility in the first place. Do the wrong thing and they may get their merchant account cancelled and their business may close.

    Sorry but your point in completely moot. But if that’s they way you are with your own credit card details then good for you. It is your credit card details and you choose what happens to it – but don’t expect to be able to get it removed from being permanently electronically stored in a payment gateways database cause they simply won’t let you, at least not as far as I am aware.

    Zava Design
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    Billy744, post: 152587 wrote:
    Sorry but your point in completely moot.

    Okay Billy, you’re right, everyone else is wrong. No one ever gets ripped off or has their credit card details fraudulently used as a result of a non-online payment gateway credit card transaction, all merchants everywhere are completely trustworthy and I should wash my mouth out with soap for suggesting otherwise, and all merchants everywhere ensure that any credit card details they receive from a purchaser are not stored anywhere for more than a moment, and then are destroyed using fire to ensure there’s no trace of them whatsoever.

    Oh, and you were not the one being hostile in this thread, it was someone else.

    Over and out.

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    Hi Zava,

    No need to *sigh*.

    Although a fair bit back and forth I think this is good we are discussing this sort of thing.

    And no system is perfect but some are more risky than others and this is where, clearly, you and I disagree. Fair enough.

    But what we can draw from this, which I hope you will agree with me on, is people can choose what happens to their own credit card details.

    If, like you, they don’t trust a bank approved merchant account facility owner unless they meet them face to face then that’s perfectly fine. If like me they do trust official bank approved merchant account facility owners then this is also fine.

    There. Can we finish up on something that we at least can come together on? :)


Viewing 3 posts - 91 through 93 (of 93 total)
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