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    Why businesses should be the biggest supporter of welfare increases.
    “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness”
    Chinese proverb

    A business has one overreaching priority and that is to sell their product or service to customers.
    Small fortunes and sometimes large ones are spent to attract customers. It doesn’t matter what form an advert takes, it has one message,
    ‘imagine how much better your life would be if you had our ………’
    All failed businesses collapse for the same broad reason. We couldn’t get the sales! There are hundreds of causes but it all comes down to this one reason. The income from your sales has to exceed your total expenses.
    Business = Income > expenses.
    Have I stressed this enough? This is the basic foundation stone of any business. How you achieve this is your choice and small business are very innovative when accomplishing this.
    National party leader Michael McCormack claimed recently that the unemployed are sitting on their couches watching tv. He may be right. But that is not the question. He should be asking why they are. I will tell you. They can’t afford to do anything else.
    What has this got do to do with Business = Income > expenses.
    These are your potential customers without adequate financial means to actually be customers. They are also the ones seeing the majority of your marketing campaigns as they have the time. Take that to your accountant.
    Some statistics to also show your accountant is Australia has 12.5 million people of working age and 2.5 million are low income. 20% of your potential customers are low income.
    Forget about “dole bludgers’ or ‘losers’ or whatever disparaging term you care to use.
    Be selfish and look at this from a business perspective. What could your business do with an immediate 20% increase in turnover? Better yet, your only expense would be increased production as these customers are already seeing your marketing.
    And do you really care where the money comes from or do you just want to see it going into your account? This won’t push taxes up although you will hopefully pay more due to increased turnover. Yes, I said ‘hopefully’. Again, switch your perspective. Don’t complain that the more you make the more tax you pay. Instead say the more tax I pay the more profit I make.
    Business = Income > expenses.
    Remember that Chinese proverb I wrote at the start.
    Stop cursing the darkness of poverty, light the candle of ‘Raise the Rate’ and improve everyone’s position.

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    I’m confused, how do I get 20% more customers at no cost, this sounds more like a political statement, then sound business advise

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