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    Hi FS members,

    Recently discovered my name and one of my websites url has been referenced on a competitors website.

    Now he hasn’t directly said anything incorrect regarding me, however the fact he has me on the page along side some other people who do have negative facts posted about them concerns me greatly.

    Google has also picked this up as well, as it does so now this results are appearing in search results.

    Unfortunately, we have tried contact him to remove the content to no avail. Does anyone have any further suggestions?

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    Hello David

    When you say a competitor can you elaborate, are they servicing same clients as yourself

    Under what heading does he have you on his website, can you send a link so we can get a better idea

    Sometimes it is not always bad, if he is not saying anything negative then use it to your advantage, see how many people are hitting your site thanks to his site and his SEO

    If it is part of a forum or blog post leave comments yourself on it, this would generate traffic to you

    If he starts to get defamatory then you can use the law the force him to remove it

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    Hey akagrp,

    A competitor – as in they sell a similar suite of products to me (such as 1300 numbers).

    I don’t want to link to it sorry, actually, I was going to post details on how to find it, however it seems God has smiled on me and the page no longer exists.

    Anyway, there was no actual link to my page, just my name & website listed like – simple1300numbers.

    I will monitor and update if anything further happens, really trying to avoid the legal card -because its slow, messy and expensive.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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