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    Last weekend 30th June we had a Christmas in June at Blackheath.
    Very Cold ,Wet and Relaxing. Phones were turned OFF, no computers allowed, on the TV was on for the footy and turned off for anything else.
    Nineteen adults six kids attended a catered for dinner.
    The caterers were very impressive. Mother and daughter team who arrived at 2.30pm and did everything from Go. Meat, beef, ham and turkey were cooked on a spit.
    Salad, roast potatoes pumkin peas and corn with rice and pasta and four beaut deserts. Chris and Tony Creighton run “the Golden Roast” in South Penrith and they travelled all the way up to Blackheath in the heavy rain and put on this really beautiful spread. One of the best I can remember. http://www.goldenroast.com.au
    All I can say everyone and I mean everyone complemented on the food and how relaxed and comfortable Christine and her daughter fitted in and enjoyed the fun with us.

    To me this makes ALL the difference, just “Being Yourself’

    So congratulations Christine and your daughter for helping to make out night successful.

    The end of July see us at Craigiburn, one of these up market hotels in the southern highlands, who are putting on a Christmas in July at slightly inflated prices.
    I’ll let you know if I’m impressed.

    The third Christmas is in August at Port Macquarie, a beautiful part of NSW were the residence say it has the best climate, there definitely is no change up there. Even better than “Beautiful one day Purfect the next” nonsense it just Beautiful everyday.

    This is the one I look forward to each year catching up with friends of over thirty four years , Good food, good local wine, and good company what more is there to life.

    So I consider that all my Christmas’s have come at once.

    Why not tell me about what your Christmas in July

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