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    Hi, I hope this is the right forum to get some advice about my situation.

    I work with my clients in an outsourced agency/consultancy capacity for their marketing and communication functions.

    A friend of a particular client of mine has joined her organisation as a marketing and communications manager with absolutely no previous experience. This person will be the “face” of the marketing function but is unable to even work with me because of this lack of experience.

    I can think of many potential pitfalls in this situation, the main one being that someone else is effectively taking the credit for work that I’ve done. If any decisions are made because of this lack of experience may reflect badly on my agency.

    I would like to know whether I’m overreacting or being precious about this – is it unprofessional to think like this? Are there any possible dangers to this organisational structure?

    Warren Cottis
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    Hey Shimmie

    You may be too young to know the term ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ which was Effective before the Internet.

    These days your Reputation is on constant display courtesy of the Internet and mud sticks.

    So just a word of caution in your situation…

    Byron Trzeciak
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    There is alot of BS when it comes to corporate job titles that’s for sure.

    I’d have to know more about the working relationship before I could understand whether it will have any affect on your reputation. In most cases though it’s fairly easy for businesses to identify employees that are clueless, what you don’t want it to do is to affect your performance.

    If this new employee is affecting your performance and decision making then it’s something you’ll need to speak with your direct manager or client and discuss how to resolve it.

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    My recommendation is to make sure all decisions are traceable. Send an email reiterating any conversations had, just title them “confirming action points” or something similar.
    Make sure that you’re friendly and not aggressive, but also make sure that your recommendations are noted and whether or not they were agreed to be followed.

    I think you are being a bit precious about credit for the work, you are an outsourced consultant at the end of the day.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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