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    I live in Korea these days and will be launching my new product worldwide using fulfillment by Amazon.

    Is there a service like this in Australia? I don’t want any commitment or upfront fee’s but if need be I would pay.
    I would keep stock of 50 10cm x 15cm x 8cm boxes and as orders come in these boxes should be dispatched to their destination.

    Amazon will priority ship to Australia in 3 to 5 biz days for about $30 so I might just go with them.. but I really want to offer next day shipping in AU.

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    No, I don’t think so. There are other smaller comapnies that offer a range of services, but not really like Amazon or Shipwire.

    We certainly need one though, I am not sure why the bigger companies have not jumped all over it.

    Shipwire has been talking about establishing here for years.

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    Thanks, I did not know about Shipwire and they do have on there website Australia listed as coming soon, so it may not be long.

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    Hi Adserve,
    I know your post is a while ago now, but I just wondering if you found a local solution for your order fulfillment?
    I have a solution based in Melbourne if you are still interested?
    Contact me if you are.


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    Is there anything new close to two years later?

    Im looking at shipwire and they have pricing on their website these days, does not look to bad.

    John Debrincat
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    AdServe, post: 211917 wrote:
    Is there anything new close to two years later?

    Im looking at shipwire and they have pricing on their website these days, does not look to bad.

    Hi AdServe have you tried Brightstar – http://www.brightstar.com/distribution/logistics they have facilities in Sydney and Melbourne.


    Jason Ramage
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    Hey Adam

    Great seeing you drop back in on this thread, hows the product going for you? Loved your idea for simple ‘menu’ boards (apologies if not defining your offering correctly) when you were talking about them and the USB style of it..

    Have you progressed much further with concept? actually, i will jump across to your web site now as i am curious (lucky i am not a cat)..

    Shipwire must have a darn huge set-up in Sydney.. and globally for that matter… Although i think they still charge you a monthly holding fee for pallet space? about $64.95 per month for 2 i think…

    Its funny, since you originally posted we have begun offering similar more hands on solutions for smaller operators and seem to be doing quite a few ebay/ecommerce over the last few months that we have been paying particular attention to 3PL etc.. The clients we have been getting are interested in price although more concerned with having a hands on contact point that truly understands there business + product.

    Not selling you on us, at all, just curious on what is the deciding factor before you proceed with a service like this? is it, as you say, no upfront fee and only pay for picks? or just something reasonable that works with your complete expectations?

    Again, jumping across to your web site to check you out again.. Hope Korea is treating you well!


    ps.. you may have remembered me as SimplyReplica :)

    Jason Ramage | Lucas Arthur Pty Ltd | E: hello@lucasarthur.net.au   P: 61 3 8324 0344    M: 61 412 244 888
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